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Luke, the Force Is Strong With You

Early on in the S2B process we were told to make a scrapbook of clippings from Men’s Fitness and similar magazines of the kind of physiques we were aiming towards. That’s because visualisation plays a hugely important part in becoming the brawnier version of yourself that you want to be. Seeing is believing in yourself and your capacity to change.

While it may sound a bit weird, it’s a tried and trusted method used by fitness models and bodybuilders since Arnold Schwarzenegger first made a name for himself.

So I decided to take this a little further and add posts from fitness competitors etc to my Facebook feed. Some are better than others in terms of the usefulness of their updates. A lot of them, understandably, use FB as a way to drum up business and it’s hard to judge their credentials.

Having said that, I just use their feeds as a reminder of the path I’m on. It helps me keep the focus on my goal. I don’t buy fitness pr0grams off of any of these guys because I’m already in what I consider to be one of the best programs on the planet and something that is tailored specifically for skinny guys like me.

Besides, one of the top reasons people fail in their fitness goals, whether that’s packing on muscle or dropping pounds of fat, is that they don’t stick with one program. They find that the results don’t come as quickly as they want them to and end up hopscotching all over the shop.

Plus, there would be no point in taking on any other program when I’ve already paid for this one as well as spending a lot of time and a huge amount of effort on it. You either believe in your coaches or you don’t, and mine have all taken the same Scrawny to Brawny journey that I’m on.

However, I have found that some feeds are helpful because they reinforce what my S2B coaches are already saying. So they’re a reminder that helps me keep my eyes on the prize of a transformed body and life.

I’ve come across three useful feeds in that regard. First off is Luke Thornton, whose FB page I found through Natural Bodybuilding Recognition (a FB page that promotes natural…. i.e. steroid-free…. athleltes). Thornton always gives good advice on his posts which echo what my own coaches on S2B are saying, sometimes at the same time as they’re saying it too.

For instance, he posted the following: “There is no royal road to anything, one thing at a time, all things in succession. That which grows fast, withers as rapidly. That which grows slowly, endures” (Source: J G Holland)

“This is why quick fixes never last….do what you are doing now and look to improve one thing at a time for success in changing your physique and fitness levels.”

That’s exactly the same philosophy behind S2B with its building-block approach when it comes to adopting habits meant to transform your body. Here’s Luke’s Facebook page Just like my coach Paul Valiulis, Thornton put on 70lbs of muscle going from 140lbs to 210lbs and he’s 6’2″ to give you context. The more fellow ectomorphs (skinny guys) I hear about succeeding in this way, the more it seems doable to me and the more it emboldens me to push myself even further.

The two others I’d like to mention are Scott Baptie of I came across his Facebook feed through an interview he did with the motivational site He gives lots of useful advice on diet and exercise as well as motivational quotes. He offers a no nonsense, no BS approach. And he’s a fellow Celt, so he’s gotta be a good guy!

Finally, Brandan Fokken posts daily inspirational quotes on his Facebook feed and they’re always a great reminder of what I’m trying to do here. He seems to be a great fitness role model. Here’s his link.

I came across all three of these guys independently and they don’t know I’m name-checking them… so no protein powder or free supplements has exchanged hands here. Lol.

WEIGHT UPDATE: Weighed myself yesterday and I’m no 153.2lbs (69.5kg) which is a gain of 18lbs (8.3kg). Still aiming for that 30lbs in time for the S2B photoshoot in a few months for the AFTER pictures.

Here’s an example of something from Luke’s site.


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