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What I Learned From Argo

Apologies for the long delay in posting any updates. I’ve had an up and down month including a family bereavement. But things are back on track now.

A few weeks ago I had a minor setback when I was running to catch the train and my FLIP camera fell out of a pocket in my backpack. I only realised when I got on the train and later discovered that the zip was broken.

The FLIP had all the “how to” exercise videos with my trainer here John Connor of the Irish Strength Institute. I’m following the Scrawny to Brawny exercise phases but because I have a separated shoulder I get John to go through them as an insurance policy to ensure I do proper form and I look at them on the way into Trinity gym.

I even had a video of Irish rugby captain Brian O’Driscoll signing a Leinster set of kids pyjamas for a friend of mine in Salt Lake. But that’s all gone now. I still kinda feel like my privacy has been violated but there’s little I can do about it despite searching the area where I think I lost it and even putting flyers in a few mailboxes.

I needed to get a new phone anyway so I bought an iPhone5 and am using it to record the exercises with John. But I had an umbelievable amount of hassle trying to sign that contract. It would have been easier to get into the Vatican.

So I was a little out of sorts for a week or two and my weight just stalled during that time.

But the good news is that last week I got to catch up on a movie I really wanted to see. Ben Aflleck’s Argo is about one CIA operative’s attempt to “exfltrate” six US embassy staff in Iran who were hiding out in the Canadian ambassador’s residence, at great personal risk to the latter.

This is NOT a spoiler, but there’s one scene where the ambassador is talking to Affleck’s lead character Tony Mendez and says “But you came closer than anyone else (to getting the hostages out).”

I immediately thought, I don’t want to come closer than anyone else. I want to meet my goal of 30 extra pounds.

So I actually found the movie inspiring for that line alone. And it’s undoubtedly gonna be nominated for best film at the Oscars.

But back at the gym, when I weighed myself last Saturday, after two weeks of hovering around the 148lbs mark, I hit 150.8lbs. So I’m officially a buck fifty which means I’m halfway towards my goal given I started at 135lbs.

The food is still the hardest part. Preparing and cooking it is quite time consuming and it still takes me an hour or two to finish lunch and dinner.

But at least I’m still going upwards.

And one other thing about Argo. There was a fantastic array of moustaches in the movie given it was set at the end of the Seventies. Which leads me to an update on my Movember quest. Our team in work (Movember Rain) ended up raising over E1,500, which is around $2,000.

First off, here’s a fun interview with Ben Affleck during the press junket for Argo.

And here’s what I ended up with after 30 days of growth during Movember. It’s all gone now.


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