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Back in Black

In a break from regular programming I’ve just completed a week of strength tests.

Three times a year, at the beginning, middle and end, the S2B coaches like us to measure our strength and check how it’s changing.  Instead of regular workouts, we pick one “push” exercise (e.g. Dumbbell bench press) for upper body on Monday, one “push” for lower body on Tuesday (e.g. leg press) , one “pull” exercise for upper body on Thursday (e.g. Lat Pulldown with V Bar) and one “pull” for lower body (e.g. Leg Curl) on Friday.

You do one set a minute for 30 mins but you must keep it the same weight/load the whole time. And you can do as many or as few reps each minute as you want. You can even skip a set if you want.

For the record, and just to give you an idea cos these figures are far from stellar, but I did 125 reps of 15kg dumbbells on chest press, 125 reps of 50kg on free weight leg press, 178 reps on lat pulldown at 35kg  and 173 reps on leg curl at 27kg.

It’s very hard to judge the right weight… and you have to pace yourself at the beginning… but I went with roughly 70pc to 80pc of my max.

Even though the whole workout is only 30 mins, you’re very fatigued after it cos you’ve been working the same muscles almost non-stop and they’re in shock afterwards… which helps them grow.

In fact, I actually “found” the 3lbs I had lost while on holiday the previous week. And 1.5lbs to boot. So I put on roughly 4.5lbs in a week (although I’m not sure how accurate my 3lbs loss was in previous week as I mentioned in the last post).

That brings me to an overall 148.5lbs (13.5lbs weight gain since I started)… so I”m a half pound shy of an extra stone and almost halfway towards my goal of an extra 30lbs.

On the downside I found it hard to finish all my meals this week cos of not being able to eat properly the week before in Prague. But my shipment of peanut butter finally arrived so I’ve been slamming PB protein shakes this week (one a day) which I think may have helped with the big gain.

So to celebrate, here’s a pretty cool rendition of that AC/DC classic that I just found on YouTube.

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