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The Numbers All Go to Eleven

My weekly weigh-in shows me at 146lbs now, up 11lbs since the start. That’s a gain of roughly a pound in the last two weeks and 8lbs in two months (versus 3lbs before that in three months). So obviously the new food plan is working. At times, in the first three months, it felt like I was literally pissing that protein powder away. Real protein from source seems to be the answer.

I think I’d have done better in the past week but for sleep issues. I was helping the folks out a few days this week and had to sleep over in their house, which led to some restless nights given I was sleeping in a different bed almost every other day.

But my friend Mark McGauran, a staff member at Trinity College Sports Centre, suggested Valerian Root as a sleep aid. I tried it last night and worked pretty well… and that was after I had seen the latest episode of Homeland with its killer ending, so my brain was pretty wired already!

This week I also bought a Jamie Oliver cookbook at the suggestion of another friend. It’s called The Ministry of Food and basically for people who cannot cook. It has easy-to-follow instructions and I even rustled up a Salmon Stir Fry the morning I got the book. Actually tasted pretty good. The next day I made a Chicken Chow Mein but I overcooked it and it was little dry. With the 1lb of protein I have to eat for lunch AND dinner, I tend to favour recipes with lots of sauce.

The cooking has been a struggle. I was just lobbing a bunch of meat into a slow cooker and putting a store-bought sauce on it and then taking it with brown rice/white potatoes and some veggies. But it wasn’t very flavourful. I’m definitely out of my comfort zone in the kitchen but that’s kind of the point of the S2B program, or so we’re constantly reminded. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

I’ve also upped my calorie intake with Coach Paul’s approval, who OK’d me adding back a daily Super Shake into the mix. It’s a good way to get healthy fats (almond milk) and greens (spinach) into the mix.

And I’ve started taking XL eggs for breakfast after one of the motivational/trainer FB feeds I’m subscribed to (in this case Simon George) said it was how he grew big.

For breakfast, you’ve got to show no mercy…

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