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A Few Good Mentions

Nate Green (S2B program director) just blogged about the latest S2B winners the other day and I have to say I think they’re the best group so far in terms of the contrast between before and after pictures.

As I said before, this is an independent blog and in no way sponsored by S2B, but when I saw these results I got excited about the gains our group will show come next April/May.

Hats off to Ethan (pictured at bottom of this post). He had a very impressive transformation. Not to take away from any past winners, but it’s nice to see someone sub-140lbs getting the recognition. I say that as a guy who started out at 135lbs, just seven pounds more than Ethan’s starting point. It gives me hope. He put on 30lbs to get to 158lbs, and I have the exact same gain goal.

Nick (the first picture below) also did really well, coming in second after going from 178lbs to 205lbs (27lb gain).

The next cohort of guys start on November 7 if anyone else is interested in signing up. But I have to tell you, like I said in an earlier post, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done… and I’m less than halfway through.

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