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My Christmas ‘Miracle’

I weighed myself today and I’ve lost a half-pound on last week. Not a huge amount and probably not unexpected given the Trinity gym was closed 4 days this week, meaning I had to do a bodyweight workout this week one of those days. It just felt wrong doing it at home on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so I passed on a second home workout.

I told one of my friends in the gym today about my latest weigh-in and he said: “You must be the only person who LOST weight over Christmas.” I thought that was quite amusing especially give how Chrismas/New Year’s is practically a weeklong festivity in Ireland, making my situation unheard of.

So I’m still up 16lbs overall and aiming for that 30lbs to bring me to 165lbs (75kg).

We have to get our pictures taken by a professional photographer by the end of March (the “after” pictures, even though my S2B yearlong tranche officially ends in mid-May) so I’m really hoping I can reach that goal by then. My gym friend asked me if I thought I could do it. I’m well aware of the mantra “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t.” So yes, I think I can do it. But there’s so many variables that I wouldn’t be the house on it. But I’m aiming to give it all I’ve got in these last few months.

It’s all down to randomness. Some weeks you feel like you’ve lost weight and you’ve actually put on 2lbs (happened a few weeks ago to me) while this week I felt more of a boss than ever before, but the scales didn’t register that feeling.

The good news is that I will eventually get to 165lbs and possibly beyond. I know this because my cousin Deirdre MacIntyre, who’s a psychologist, told me that any habit that is practised for 40 days tends to stick. I’ve been doing S2B, where we learn different habits every two weeks, since May, so my body (and more importantly my mind) is primed to life a bigger, brawnier life that will allow me reach my potential in whatever I set my sights towards… once I put in the work, of course, just like in S2B.

As I said before, this is a total mind meld but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… physically AND mentally.


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