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Making Dean’s List


Of the 200 guys in my cohort of Scrawny to Brawny, I don’t know of any who are based in Ireland. So when I found out earlier in the program that there was a guy called Dean Phillips in England, I thought I’d reach out to my nearest Brawny Bro. He had posted an illustration in the S2B forums with the words “Architectural Days”. (I’ve since found out that “Architect” is also a verb…. who knew?) and a video explaining his philosophy on life.

Turns out it was an excellent move. We’ve been helping each other in terms of advice and encouragement on the S2B project. In addition, he’s helped me with some technical issues on this site and I’ve helped him with some other things on his website, which was still in the planning stages up until recently.

Dean is 21 and I wish I had my shit together the way he does when I was that age. He knows exactly what he wants to do with his life and it involves helping others reach their potential too.

Last week he finally launched his website Hero in Training which, as far as I can see, is his way of telling others about all of life’s awesome possibilities… after he’s tried some out himself and picked the brains of others who are experts in their fields.

It’s about living a bigger life and the tagline says it all: “Become the life architect you can drawn upon”.

Here’s the link:¬†

It’s an insightful blog that I’m very excited about already. Dean’s first post was a series of knowledge bombs/takeaways on becoming heroic from 15 experts. Here’s a mosaic of those he talked to. Click on the link to find out who exactly they are and why they rock.

One of them was the S2B coach whose wing we’re both lucky enough to be under — Paul Valiulis. At around 6’1″ he was 140lbs and added another 70lbs to his then anorexic frame over an 18-month period. He transformed a lot more than his body in the process.

The other experts have walked the walk too and offer equally excellent advice.


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