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Carb Your Enthusiasm


I’m loving the extra carbs that I’m supposed to take under my new meal protocol. It just makes all that protein a lot easier to take even though it adds to the amount of calories I have to polish off each plate.

The meals require a fair amount of organisation. I’m trying to make my own sauces from scratch, but a lot of times I end up buying sauce from the supermarket. Having said that, I’m only about 10 days into the new meal plan so I should probably cut myself some slack.

Carbs of choice right now are spuds and brown rice. But I think I’m also allowed wholemeal cous cous, wholwheat pasta and quinoa. I plan to mix it up because I made some exceptionally soggy brown rice yesterday that was pretty hard to take. The problem arose when I literally had too much on the boil as I was trying to steam some potatoes at the same time as I cooked the rice.

As you can see, my culinary skills aren’t the best but like they say, you learn to do by doing.

On the flipside, I do tidy up quite well, especially in work. Although I don’t go through quite as many napkins as Larry does…

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  1. Vincent #

    Hey Brian glad to hear you’re putting on some weight. From my understanding building muscle comes down to two things either one eating more or two lifting heavier.

    I’m thinking about doing the program this fall, are there just two coaches Chuck and Paul or are there more?


    September 18, 2012
    • There are four total, Vincent. Chuck and Paul handle about 100 clients each (they only accept two guys every six months for the yearlong program). But John Berardi and Nate Green provide “assists” in terms of monitoring the message boards and clients’ progress and sometimes chiming in. JB is the owner of Precision Nutrition, of course, so I believe he monitors it in an overall capacity. Nate is Program Director but his job mainly seems to be the blog ie. being the FB voice of the program and drumming up interest in it. That’s my estimation of their roles.
      BTW, where you based?

      September 18, 2012

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